Difference between Set-based development and point-based development

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Difference between Set-based development and point-based development

1. Point-based Design

Figure 1: Unstable time frame for point-based design

2. Set-based development

Definition:  a design, analysis, and decision-making practice characterized by:

  • not selecting a particular values for design decisions but rather analyzing the full set of possibilities, not as a finite collection of a few points, but as an infinite set of points

  • rather than trying to “pick the best”, instead trying to “eliminate the weak”

  • not selecting a particular design and then analyzing its performance, but rather analyzing the drivers of performance and limits on feasibility and using that knowledge to identify more desirable parts of the design space (of the full set of possibilities).

3. Set-based vs. Point-based development



Images contrasting "Point-Based" vs. "Set-Based" practices (from last reference below):


Images contrasting too few points to have set-based knowledge vs. having enough points to gain set-based knowledge (from last reference below):


Trade-Off Chart showing enough points to have reusable set-based knowledge to enable future design work.

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