What pros and cons are there if non-IT company hires an outsourcing company to develop there apps?

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What pros and cons are there if non-IT company hires an outsourcing company to develop there apps?

There definitely are two sides to outsourcing. But when it comes to a company outsourcing app development, it's safe to say that it probably is the best option, because, well, as long as your company doesn't plan to launch new apps consistently, it doesn't make sense to have a full-on team in house. That said, let's go back to the general pros and cons of outsourcing.


  1. It's quick. There is no need to spend time interviewing and forming a team, acquiring the needed equipment, managing, etc. - an outsourcing company will be able to start the moment you sign the contract.
  2. You don't have to be an expert at all. Of course, before hiring someone, you need to do research and go through their reviews and portfolios, but that doesn't require you to be a tech genius. A detailed description of your idea and a list of features will tell your vendor everything they have to know. In case you want to contribute something more - you also can. The outsourcing company will keep you informed and organize regular meetings to ensure your approval of what's going on within the project.
  3. You are not bound geographically. No matter where you are in the world, you always have the opportunity to pick a company from the other side of the globe. You can choose to work with someone from Europe, Asia or even Australia, Which brings me to the next point.
  4. It is affordable. Since you could pick just about anyone and anywhere, you have the option to get services from a place that has lower pricing generally. For example, Asian companies like TIGOSOFT prove to provide top-notch services for a fair price.
  5. You are in the position of a customer, which means that the outsourcing company has to guarantee you a high-quality service.


  1. You don't have full control. Although you don't have to be there all the time for the end product to turn out amazing, the fact of not being able to control/know about every single detail can sometimes stress people out.
  2. Communication. Usually, companies do their best to make sure that they have understood the customer correctly. But sometimes, simply because you are two different companies, maybe even in the different parts of the world, there can be delays or issues regarding communication.
  3. You depend on them. Unfortunately, no matter how great outsourcing can be, it makes that part of your business dependent on someone else. I don't think it should be a huge deal-breaker though, unless being completely and utterly autonomous is something that you deem to be essential.

Overall, just like anything else, outsourcing has its perks and issues. Try to analyze the situation for your company specifically, before jumping into conclusions.

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